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What We Do

 We seek children who live in poverty and have little or no opportunity to go to school.  We connect these children to sponsorship from individuals like yourself, so that they can be supported to get a good education and grow into successful adults who can then help build a great community.  

 “For each one of these students [...] there are parents sacrificing anywhere from 1/3 to more than 1/2 of their income to send them there. This is not just their disposable income, but their net annual income, which hovers around 400 dollars for the majority of all Haitian households.”  

For some children in our community, education is the only path out of poverty and to break it's cycle. But, without funds these children can't access education in the first place.  

Haiti scholarship identifies children who want to go to school but come from disadvantaged situations and lack the resources to pay for school fees. Currently in Haiti, 90% of schools are private and charge fees upfront in September. The families also need to pay for school supplies and uniforms at this time, which they cannot afford.  We need people who can give full sponsorship of students, or smaller donations to help with uniforms and school supplies.  

Our schools are located in City Soliel one of  the biggest shanty-town in Haiti where there are about 384,000 people are living there, the most impovished area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti where there is a desperate need to educate the large young population as a pathway out of poverty.  

Sometimes, you see only one child in a family go to school while their siblings miss out, because of lack of money.  Some of our current scholars have missed years of schooling, and are now catching up in classes with students much younger than them. 

When we achieve the dream of operating our own school, we will be able to then reach to many more students, with world-class education.  Right now though the scholarships are our best way forward to help the poorest.  Your best opportunity to really help Haitian children achieve school can be through Haiti Scholarship Association, and regular personal reports from our director Marcel you will be able to see the difference you make in a childs life.