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School Supplies 2013 Donation

le Champs students receive school gift

Thanks to a generous group of citizens of Belgium, we have been able to supply 30 vulnerable children with school supplies!  The children are from le Champs school in Cite Soleil 9.   These children didn't have text books, copy books, bags of their own and their parents couldn't afford to provide them with these crucial tools to work at school.  Many of these students were staying home or missing lessons because they couldn't participate due to lack of materials.  

We are very thankful to Mrs. Patricia and her Belgian friends for helping to make this possible.  The staff of Haiti Scholarship Association, along with the students, their families and their teachers are overjoyed and grateful.  

"All the children were happy and did not expect that. they are grateful and say thank you to all of you for the school supplies.  Then, all the parents say thank you to everyone who has been given money to purchased those school supplies to give to the children. they are really proud of you for that great help that you bring to Haiti."

Having the right resources is one of the crucial elements a child needs to be successful in school.  If you would like to make a similar contribution please let us know!  We have many more students already at school who have old, outdated or worn school supplies, or don't have any of their own.  These children now have a chance to be successful at education!  To be at school and help themselves in their future and grow up to help their own country! 



A report from Haiti Scholarship ~ November 21, 2013


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