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Health Clinic May 2013

On May 20th 2013,  in Cite Soleil 9 many sick people in the community had the possibility to attend to a health clinic day.   We received enough funding for around 100 people to receive medical care and medications.  All were welcome and recieved medications for free. The patients presented with many different kinds of sickeness: bacterial infections, vaginal infections, anemia, fever, cold, scabies. ringworm blood presure, epigastric, burn and more.  We counted about 104 patients on this day. There were 5 volunteers nurses, 4 support staff and a boy who helped with reporting.

This was the second clinic we have been able to run and it was appreciated as much as the first.  We would love to do more!  Everybody in the area was very exited to see a lot of patients receive treatment, and to see themselves and others recover from their illnesses sooner. Our nurses did a great job, serving the patients in a timely and fair manner.  This program offered by Haiti Scholarhip Association is a cost effective way to address the deprivation suffered by this school community and is socially inclusive to any one in need.

We helped as many people as we could given our kindly donated funds by  Timoun yo se Espwa Ayiti, we were obliged to target the poorest people during the program.

The majority of these patients would never have the economic means to seek medical treatment. All medical treatment in Haiti is on a pay first basis. So, after running  the health clinic, we saw over 100 patients and about 80 of these were treated for their illnesses.  We hope to have a health clinic any time it's possible in the future to support our education programs.

This Program was sponsorised by a Belgium non- profit organisation named Timoun yo se Espwa Ayiti.


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