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2012-2013 Scholarship Update

Haiti Schlarship's work is not vain. 10 poor children living in extreme poverty, where some of them have missed a few years of school, and others went to go to school last year for the first time.  A great achievement!
9 of these children have succeeded to pass to the next year, one has not. 
With so many children wanting and needing a scholarship, we are very strict on our admittance to the program and require our students to pass to earn a scholarship to the next grade.  We know how difficult it is for these students and it is very hard to say goodbye, but there are so many other children hoping they will receive a scholarship so we must adhere to this rule.  
      Name                                                         average :                                    
     1-  Kettia Auguste                     7,00 /10                       Admitted in 6th grade
     2- Benarde Charlessaint               7,41/10                       Admitted in 3rd grade
    3- Dialine Nelson                      6,25/10                       Admitted in 3rd grade
   4- Rebeca Nelson                       6,66/10                        Admitted in 4th grade
   5- Dapheca Jourdain                     5,76/10                         Admitted in 4th grade
  6- Junior Vertus                       4,50/10                        Not admitted
  7- Shina Metelus                     7,60/10                        Admitted in 6th grade
  8- Dapheca Jean Paul                    5,08/10                          Admitted in  4th grade
  Yonise Guilluame and Enise Celestin will take their report card on June 26th. Well done kids!!
Dapheca Jean Paul
Dapheca Jourdain
Shina with her report card


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