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Who we are

Haiti scholarship Association (HSA) is a not for profit Haitian grassroots organisation focussed on educating children living in extreme poverty.  

More than half of Haitian parents do not have access to enough money to send their children to school.  Parents understand that education is a key to making change for their children's future, but without the resources, how to do it?  We help by identifying these children and families, and matching them with sponsors for either a full or partial scholarship.  

The director of Haiti Scholarship Association is Marcel Jean, prior to beginning HSA he worked for over 6 years with other not-for-profit organisations and in the Haitian education system.  He has been teaching for 26 years.  Marcel's passion for education is strong.  He is dedicated to acting on behalf of the poorest in his community to help them stop they cycle of poverty through education.  His hope is to see the students of today become the doctors, nurses and teachers of tomorrow, so that they may join in changing their country for a better future.  

"Education is a bridge to allow anybody to achieve his/ her dream in the life,  you have to have education if you want to help your country tomorrow.  So, it is dangerous when someone is not going to school to be educated. Education is the Source of the life". - Marcel Jean


“In the case of the January 12, it’s not the earthquake that kills people. It’s not the concrete that kills you, it’s the lack of education.”
  Pierre Bony, Chief Inspector of Schools of education. – Kenscoff District