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School Supplies 2012 Donation

  November 23, 2012 school supplies delivered in Cite Soleil to forty poor children.

 On November 23 , 2012, I received a funding amount of about $570 US from some Belgium schools by Mrs Patricia to help children could not going to to school due to school supplies.  We were able to supply forty (40) children withthose school materials like books, note books, pens, pencils, Geometric instruments, rulers and other necessary stationary. 

Those poor children could not attend to school because they did not have any school supplies. they were very happy and their parents also.  After the distribution, those poor children had tools in their hands to work at school, study their lessons and now have the possibility to do their home work and achieve better results.

I think that Education is the fundamental basis for the development of a Country, that's why at Haiti Scholarship Association we are very focused on Education to support the most vulnerable children so they have a better opportunity for their future.  



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