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Health Clinic Nov. 2012

Thanks to a generous donation, last Saturday,  in a little area named Soleil 4 where many people are sick, the community had the possibility to attend to a clinic.  We received enough funding to treat around 200 people with free checkup and medicines.

The patients had different kind of sickeness: like bacterial infections, vaginal infections, anemia, fever, cold, scabies. ringworm, epigastric etc. so, about 88 patients have been taken care of in the first day.  On the second day 112 more. There were four volunteers nurses plus six more ones.

 Cite Soleil is a  neighborhood with a big sanitation problem.  This causes around three quarters (75%) of the population to frequently get sick.  Because these people are extremely poor it will usually be many days (if at all) until they seek medical help, simply because they cannot afford the visit.  In spite of their situation, in desparation some struggle to go to the Hospital, but often when they have the prescription, they cannot afford to to pay for it so they remain ill.  Even so, the entire area is underfunded and understaffed for medical help - It is a very sad situation for Cite Soleil where there is only one Hospital (St. Cathrine there) for a population of 384, 000  people. 

Put simply, to see a Nurse or Doctor, or to visit the Hospital is too expensive for people who do not have secure employment and live in extreme poverty.  Unfortunately, the Hatian government does very little to address the living conditions of that poor population in this area.

Everybody in the neighborhood was very happy to see a lot of patients receive treatment, with skin cream and medicines prescribed.  It gives hope and happiness to see others recover from their illnesses sooner. Our nurses did an excellent job, serving the patients in a timely and fair manner. This program offered by Haiti Scholarhip Association is a cost effective way to address the deprivation suffered by this school community and is socially inclusive to any one in need.

So, after the health clinic , at least 195 patients were treated from their illnesses, and they hope to have this opportunity again in future!

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