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Sponsor & Donate

Getting money directly to Haiti is not easy, most organisations have a partner in America and you will realise the funds are first going there and then coming across.  We can receive funds via Western Union or Bank Transfer.  We will make sure you receive an email acknowledgement and a report for every money gone across.  If you have concerns, make sure you contact us.  

We understand that this isn't ideal and are looking at new ways to be able to receive money that will be easier for you, and more easily traceable.  

To donate or sponsor, you can

For donors in the States who would like to receive a tax rebate for their donations, you can do so via our partner, Charitable Confections.  Please contact Linda at .


 All sponsorships and donations are greatly appreciated. We will keep our supporters up to date with the progress of our projects. We will use your donations wisely and stretch our dollars as far as possible.


 For further information on our money management please visit the finance page.